Thoughts and Adventures From Greenlite Heavy Industries

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The weather is extremely unsetteled up here in Penticton. I went for a 90 minute ride this afternoon and it went from hot sun one minute to rain and 40 mph winds the next. I also went for a 20 minute swim this morning and was surprised by how cold the water was. It felt more like May water than late August.

My hip is still bugging me and it's leaving me with a little gimp in my step. It seems to be on the mend and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I won't be limping on Sunday.

Despite my religious adherence to a super well-thoughtout training plan I can't help but feeling underprepaired for what I'll be up against on Sunday. I suppose this is normal, but that's little consolation during my moments of doubt. I'm eager for the race to start, so that I can put all this nervous energy to good use.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going to Canada

It's 8:30 AM here in Seattle and we'll be on the road to Ironman Canada within the hour. I'm deep into the taper right now and am feeling every little ache and pain; things I would have ignored two weeks ago. My stomach is filled with butterflies, why do I invest so much money and time in something that yields so much angst. Hopefully I'll be able to answer that question Sunday night.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Last Century

Did my final 100 mile bike ride in preparation for the Canada Ironman. Stephanie came along for the first 60 miles, and we made good time despite her picking up the added weight of a 10D finishing nail.

We had to repair her tire with a tube patch, and since the only nearby bike shop had yet to open we kept our fingers crossed that our roadside fix would hold. Thankfully it did.

After Stephaine left for home I pulled into a grocery store where I picked up three candy bars and a tallboy can of Rockstar. Here's a photo of me at mile 72 jacked on Rockstar.

I have a few more big days but for the most part it's a slide into Ironman, thank goodness for the taper.