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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cancer Mow

Lately the major occupier of my free time has been preparing for and thinking about Ironman racing. Honestly I’d like to figure out how Ironman is a metaphor for life or how racing these things cures incurable diseases or something, but as of yet they are simply a selfish time bandit that leaves my house messy and my manuscripts half-written. I lot of athletes run for a cause, me I keep my causes and my Ironmans separate. A few months ago my father-in-law was telling me how a lady came to his doorstep asking for a donation because she was going to do the three day cancer walk. He said that he told her “mow my yard and I’ll give you fifty bucks, you can keep it or you can give it to cancer research.” She just walked away.

The more I think about it, the more that sounds like a good idea. Instead of having a cancer walk where folks just waste calories walking around a city, why don’t they have a cancer mow. The participants would expend the same calories but in the end they would have something to show for it.

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