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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Saturday morning Sam and I saddled up and rode our bikes to the Bike Expo here in Seattle. Our route took us along the Myrtle Edwards bike trail - a scenic pathway along the coastline of Elliot Bay. Not much to see at the Expo; the ten bucks to get in would have probably been better spent on a coffee, a hot chocolate and two doughnuts, but you don't know if you don't try. One company I really liked was Alchemy Goods they make bags, wallets, belts and bottle openers out of throwaway stuff: a cool company with a cool idea.
I also enjoyed looking at the vintage bikes - true works of art.
I'm not one for missing a racy sign or label and was glad that I had the camera along to capture a few fun tidbits. Dick Power was a real bicycle manufacturer out of Long Island, NY, you gotta respect the guy, he didn't play it safe with Richard or Rick, he went all out and said "the name's Dick - Dick Power."

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