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Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Boots

I've been out looking for a good compliment to the new double-knee cotton twill everyday pants that you can wear on a bicycle pants that I introduced at the Seattle Bike Expo last weekend and I think I've found the fit.

I've been digging the crepe-soled moc toed work boot for decades.  Back in the eighties I had a pair when I worked construction - I think I got them at Montgomery Wards - I gave them to my roommate after the county required us to wear steel-toed boots.  I try to buy American whenever possible and nearly everyone knows that Red Wing makes a super sweet version of this style, but at $225 I had a hard time jumping in.

Thankfully I just found Thorogood Boots.  At $140 the cost of entry isn't too crazy.  I found mine at Whistle Workwear, I had to get EE's in order to walk out of the store with a shoe box in hand, they are a little wide but that's the price you pay for impatience.

The boots are comfortable and sturdy and I think that they are going to break in well.  I think that they might work well for dry weather hunting, perhaps the crepe sole will be a little quieter than the clunky logger boots that I traditionally wear out in the field.  The Thorogood's go well a pant with a little wider cuff.  My double knee twill pants (watch for the DK Pant) have an eight inch cuff and that seems to work perfectly.

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