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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Customer Service

Two years ago I was getting ready for my “A-race” the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race.  I was feeling fit and ready to go, but on the Tuesday before the race I noticed a small crack at the bottom bracket tube/seat tube interface.  No way was I going to race on a cracked frame, so I hustled on down to the shop where I’d bought the bike eighteen months prior.  They offered to break my bike down for sixty bucks and send it to the US rep for the brand; six to eight weeks they said.  I asked about racing this weekend and they offered to rent me a bike at seventy dollars a day.

An old friend
I walked out.

I went to Veloce Velo here on Mercer Island, and explained my situation.  The guys immediately saw my predicament, said “said okay here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to sell you this awesome Pinarello frame at a super discount then we’re going to strip your broken bike and move all the components over – it’ll be done next Tuesday.”  To which I replied that’s awesome except for the fact that I need the bike tomorrow.

Greg the mechanic said “bring me a six pack and it’ll be ready in the morning.”

I went out and bought him two six packs a liter bottle and a tee shirt.

The next morning my bike was ready, and it was perfect.

What Veloce Velo did for me was make me feel like they were on my team.  I wasn’t asking for anything for free, and they didn’t see me as a nice mark ripe for being taken to the cleaners.  They listened to me, they empathized with my situation and we worked together to come up with a fair solution.  I’ve been loyal to them ever since.

This is the type of business that I’m building with Greenlite Heavy Industries.  I’m giving you a fair product at a fair price, I want you to use my product; I’m on your team.

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