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Friday, February 15, 2013

Curing TMCS

I’m reluctant to buy the Garmin GPS bike computer because I already have a GPS on my fancy Windows 8 smart phone.  However, there are two problems with using a smart phone as a bike computer: one phones are not weatherproof so you can’t mount them in a visible location (i.e. to your handlebars) and two the phone (at least my phone) goes into sleep mode when inactive for sixty seconds – so I’d have to touch my phone every minute to keep my stats visible - not possible while wearing gloves.  It seems that these smart dudes at WahooFitness have come up with a solution.
This appears to be a sweet set-up.  You get your HR data from a chest strap, you get the cadence from a bike mounted sensor and you get all the other GPS type stuff from your smart phone.  What a great solution for TMCS (Too Much Crap Syndrome).  Only problem is that it isn’t available for the Windows Phone.  Screwed again

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