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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Crap We Cherish

Yesterday my son and I stopped by an estate sale on our way home from a morning of skiing at Alpental.  I guess I’ve never actually been to an estate sale before, and I must say I found it a bit depressing: you simply walk into a home where everything looks kind of normal – albeit with small stuff scattered all around – the only real difference being the small price tags attached to everything.  It was easy to see that the folks had lived in the house for quite some time and that they were fairly affluent, but honestly most of the stuff was junk: a dusty sewing machine, an old typewriter (my son didn’t even know what it was), and random glasswear.  I suppose that maybe there had been some descent furniture at one time, but anything of value had either already been sold or carted away for sale at a higher price.

All of this stuff had been purchased, used and held onto by the former owners of the house, but in the blink of an eye it all went from cherished possessions to nearly worthless junk that was being sold for a nickel or a dime.  It was a wakeup call for me as to determining what is important and what isn’t.  Family, friends and a few things that are actually worth owning (like a good bicycle) that’s what’s important, the other stuff, well someday that’s all going to be garbage.

Pick your crap wisely.

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