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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sign Of The Times

Making sparks
Sam and I have been working on a sign for my friend’s juice shop – Juju Beet – over in Bellevue.  We started with a big slab of redwood that I had sitting around, framed it in steel, finished it with multiple coats of marine grade epoxy and finally attached acrylic letters that my friend had cut out via his laser cutter.  The big letters are attached with wood screws, which I offset with quarter inch spacers to create a nice shadow line.  The small letters were attached with epoxy.

Last night was hanging time.

Sam putting on the final touches
The biggest challenge was drilling the eight half inch diameter attachment holes through C-channels in the existing awning.  Luckily the awing is constructed of aluminum, unfortunately the tapered flanges were nearly three quarters of an inch thick at the hole location.  A lot of overhead work with the Hole Hawg set at minimum speed.  Fortunately I escaped with no metal in my eyes.

We worked at night in order to minimize sidewalk traffic, and didn’t finish until eleven.  I’m looking forward to seeing the sign in full daylight and will head over today to get some photos.

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