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Monday, May 5, 2014

Going to the Show

Jason and Whitney put on yet another successful Pedaler’s Fair this past Saturday.  Manning a booth during a show is always a challenge for me as I’m not a born salesman, nor am I a natural conversationalist – once you get to know me I won’t shut up, but I tend to keep quiet around folks I don’t know.

Once again I went over the top with respect to the complexity of my booth and once again I was far and away the last guys to get packed up and out the door at show’s end.  Every time I attend a show I’m amazed by how quickly the other venders pack up and exit stage left.  I like going over the top though – I think it shows that I’m willing to put in the effort, that I’m not just there because I have to “make a showing.”

What I like most about these shows is that they give me the chance to meet folks from all walks of life who are out on the streets turning over pedals.  It’s easy to tend towards myopia, which in my case means bicycling means bicycle racing, which in fact is only a small fraction of folks who ride.  I was glad to see a lot of fabricators at the show, two of my favorites were Cyclefab, who work out of Equinox Studios in Seattle's Geogetown neighborhood, and Elephant Bikes out of Spokane.  I’m really digging their National Forest Explorer. 

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