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Monday, June 2, 2014

Honu 70.3

I'm on the Big Island this week joining a friend who came to race the Honu Half Ironman.  Nothing like watching a mass swim start to convince yourself that you did the right thing quitting triathlon.  Honestly I wish that I was a little more comfortable in the water - to just to a tri or two a year - but screw it, bike racing does a good job of feeding my rat (I stole that expression from mountaineer Greg Child who described his obsession with climbing as a need to feed the rat).  Anyway I had a great time watching the race and cheering on my friend.

A few photos:
Close to a million dollars of equipment in that transition area

Can't complain about the weather
Pro Luke Bell, second out of water, has a flat at mile 0
Local pro Bree Wee on the Queen K highway
No shortage of smiles
5 Time World champ Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander after finishing 2nd.  - later DQ'd for wearing sleeves

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