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Monday, June 16, 2014


As I’ve mentioned before doing your own biz is a roller coaster ride: one minute you’re on top of the world thinking “hey man this might work,” and the next you’re in the dumpster wondering “why did I do this.”  Late last week I was starting to feel a bit of the doldrums coming on, but thankfully I got a big shot in the arm on Saturday.

My LBS – Veloce Velo - carries my products and Saturday afternoon salesman/mechanic Erin called saying that a customer was interested in some shorts but that they didn’t have the right size.  I threw a couple of pairs into the Subaru and drove to the store as quick as my four wheels would take me.  Once at the store I met Mike and Lisa, a couple of technical mountain bikers.  Mike was a pretty buff guy and it was good to see some muscle amongst the usually anemic biker crowd.  Lisa was buying Mike a father’s day gift and we got him into a pair of shorts.

“I love these shorts, I’m going to spread the word.”  That is awesome.  It’s a total rush when people see your stuff and appreciate what you’ve put your heart into.

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