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Monday, July 21, 2008

The American Dream?

My wife and I have pretty much lived the American housing dream: small starter house, a lot of sweat equity and then the move to the big house in the suburbs - big yard, three car garage, the works. Now were thinking of moving to a smaller more efficient place, if we get the place we are looking at we would lose 1300 sq. feet. My mom thinks I'm crazy.

My four brothers and I grew up in an 1800 sq ft rambler, we were literally shoulder to shoulder in that place. My mom always dreamed of moving to a larger home, where she could entertain - a home like mine. From my mother's point of view I've arrived, my wife and I have played the game correctly and now we get to enjoy it, but at what cost.

The expense of maintaining a large home is becomming astronomical. It's like having a hole in your pocket through which the money drains until there's nothing left. In addition to the financial burden, a big house means more crap. As the late great George Carlin observed, "a house is just a place to store your crap while you're out buying more crap." I think that the age of crap aquisition is over.

Now is the time to slim down and become more efficient. Keep what you need and ditch the rest.

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