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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Going Knocking

Back in my climbing days my buddies and I used to employ a saying when the weather began ti go sideways: “will let’s go knocking,” which meant to pack up, head out and go to the critical portion of the route where we could make some real-time decisions.  More often than not the weather would improve and we’d pull off an ascent when most other parties had retreated to the nearest town for second breakfast.

Last night a steady downpour pounded my driveway, so I texted my buddy Matt, “are we rain riders??”  His mono syllable response was “yep.”  I wasn’t getting out of it that easy.  I inflated the tires on my rain bike, donned my trusty jacket and headed off for a wet and miserable ride.  I’d only worn toe covers and within ten minutes my wool socks were as saturated as a dish sponge, but luckily spring is in the air and no toes went numb.

Thirty minutes into the ride I met up with Matt, the rain was letting up and we ended up pulling out a nice hilly training ride. The spring weather in Seattle is unpredictable: sunny one minute, a downpour the next, sometimes it’s best just to put on your foul weather gear and go knocking.

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