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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Hats are Here

Paul sporting the olive cap following a ride of Grand Ridge east of Seattle
Just finished up the first run of Schoeller DrySkin cycling caps.  The two problems that I have with my collection of fifteen or so cycling caps are: the bill is too long and inhibits your line of sight while actually riding, and either because they are wool or have plastic/cardboard in the bill they come out of the washing machine ruined (I've hand-washed my favorite wool cap, yet it still smells like wet dog).
Frank showing the versatility of the khaki cap
I gave this cap a slightly smaller bill: large enough to provide eye shade yet small enough not to have to flip up every time you grip the hoods.  In addition I used interfacing to stiffen the bill, this combined with the Schoeller fabric makes the cap completely machine washable.

I discovered at the recent Seattle Bike Expo that my cap is not one size fits all, but instead is one size fits most.
Cap is designed to fit underneath a helmet
I wore the prototype through a Seattle winter and have no complaints.

Available in black, khaki and olive.  All with orange reflector strip.

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are these still available? they don't seem to be on the website. any way to get one with a green stripe?