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Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Eat (And Ride Hard)

I like this article

The author puts into words what I've been feeling for some time now.  Good nutrition is a significant part of being a good athlete but as it is with most things we can take it too far.  This root is good for digestion, this berry reduces aging, this cleanse detoxes you.  Really who says, where's the evidence, well uhhh...

Here's my theory:

Eat as many vegetables as possible
Eat some fruits
Eat a little meat
Avoid the simple grains such as pasta and white bread - but if you go to a friend's house and they bake you some lasagna, eat it.
Enjoy a good beer with some friends now and again
Work out often - go hard, sweat, push yourself

So far this has worked pretty good.

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