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Monday, March 10, 2014

Weird Guy

After much searching and squeezing into jeans that don’t fit over my thighs I’ve finally found a nice pair of Indigo selvedge jeans that actually kind of almost fit: the Naked and Famous Weird Guy Stretch Selvedge.  The fabric is 98% cotton and 2% Spandex, I was concerned about buying anything other than 100% cotton but I have to say that after four days in the pants the stretch is allowing the fabric to relax a bit, which translates to comfort.
Naked and Famous Weird Guy with Thorogood Boots
Last week at the Seattle Bike Expo I was showing customers how I relaxed the fit in the thighs in my G1 Pants, and more than one guy said that was appreciated as most pants – especially jeans – simply don’t fit folks who ride bikes – our thighs are too big as compared to our waist circumference. 
There seems to be no shortage of high end selvedge denim jeans out on the market, but strikingly few are made to fit anyone other than a skinny nineteen year old.  Perhaps Greenlite Heavy Industries will have to come out with a jean made especially for people with thighs

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