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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Everyone Wins

Not for me thanks
Now that I am a business owner I have to think a lot about business.  Seems like businesses can be grouped according to how they manage winning and losing.  Some companies are run according to the mantra: take as much as I can get for the worst possibly acceptable product.  This is a game of a very few winners and whole lot of losers.  Walmart is a good example.  The Walton trio are the big winners while just about everybody else involved with the Walmart supply chain end up losing.

Common business thought is that in every transaction there is a winner and a loser; at Greenlite I’m bucking that thinking by attempting to make every transaction a win/win.  The customer wins by getting a great product at a fair price.  My Seattle manufacturer wins by receiving a fair wage for job well done.  My Swiss fabric supplier (Schoeller) wins by selling me a product that is produced by fair means.  And finally I win by receiving money which is used to grow a business that supports an active healthy lifestyle.

I was asked recently if I’d ever consider moving my manufacturing overseas, I said hell no, I said that I’d close my doors first.  I’m not interested in off shoring my production.  Too many losers in that scenario.

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