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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pedalers Fair

Sam wondering how he's going to spend the next 7 hours
Sam and I took the Greenlite wares down to the Pedalers Fair in the Belltown district of Seattle yesterday.  Jason at Swift Industries puts on the show, he designs it to be a showcase for locally made cycling products.  It’s nice to see how many folks are out there making stuff and making things happen.

The Heroin Bathroom
I’m a fairly quiet guy and I generally keep to myself and so it really means something when I can list off the following folks I knew at the show: Darren, Tarik, Ann, John, Jason, Juliette, Catherine, Aldan, and Thomas.  Pretty dang cool.

As you can see by the photo I once again went overboard on my display.  We had a six by six space to work with and I think we did a pretty good job.  Thankfully Jason gave us some prime real estate – front row center.

Sam came down for the day, he helped be set up, tear down, brought me coffee and manned the booth during my many bathroom breaks – too much coffee drunk at these events.  The Fair was held in the Underground Events Center, a bit wild for my Mercer Island boy.  “This place is pretty sketch dad,” he said, to which I replied “sketch is good boy.”  Sam referred to the restroom as the Heroin Bathroom.

The show was a success, I made some sales, but more importantly I got out there, listened to what people want in cycling gear and came away with a lot of positive feedback.

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